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Developed with the idea to use best practices for a better work management.

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SCRAIM is based on three pillars

When the need arose to centralise all work management and planning in a single tool, we decided to develop SCRAIM, a tool in which you can manage your and your teams' processes, projects and tasks in real-time.

SCRAIM is a Software-as-a-Service solution designed to improve the way you work with your operations and customers. It was developed by Strongstep, a leading consulting company on process improvement, in partnership with FEUP.

SCRAIM brings all the advantages of an international methodology with the best practices that have been proven over time by companies all over the world: ISO standards, the CMMI maturity model and the Agile methodology.


ISO certification is a globally recognized mark of quality and can be obtained by companies that meet the organization's standards.


CMMI provides a set of best practices for software development, project management, and service delivery. The framework is divided into maturity levels, with each level building on the previous one to increase process maturity and improve organizational performance.


Agile development is an iterative and incremental approach to software development that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

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Fully equipped with all the features you need to manage your project, this is a must-have tool for any team leader or project manager.

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