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The lack of use of a formal software development process can lead to project failure, so it is important to choose the most suitable process to configure and apply to your company projects.

Scraim makes that task easier for you by offering a set of ready-made development processes to help you plan your projects in a blink and always ensure that you are following international software engineering best practices.

Ready Made Processes Feature


In development processes, the old saying “One size fits all” is not always true. Adapt our ready-made development processes to fit your organization specific needs.

Scraim offers a flexible approach that allows you to easily design a customized process for your projects and if no process suit your needs, it’s possible to create one from scratch and make it the standard process for your standard process for your organization.

Configurable Processes Feature


Don’t know what’s happening in all of your projects and teams?

Use our Planning module to plan your project and team work easily while following your organization work processes.

Workspace module helps each team member to focus on their daily work with a Kanban view. With Scraim you can easily track and organize your projects work items, manage your team allocation, keep track what’s going on, all in real time.

Issues, Bugs and Time Tracking Feature


Easily define and schedule the deliverables for each release of your project with our Release Planning feature.

Know in real time what’s being delivered, what’s being scheduled and who’s in charge of each deliverable.

Take control and make sure that everything is delivered on time!

Release Planning Feature


An ineffective risk management can lead to failure. Don't let this happen!

By using the Scraim Risk Management feature, specially designed for agile projects, you are giving your projects a better chance of success by identifying what can go wrong (risks), how to prevent this from happening (mitigation actions) and what to do if something happens (Impediments).

Risks and Impediments Management Feature


It is estimated that the cost associated to the correction of a bug increases as it’s discovered later on the software development process. However, there’s still a common trend of companies neglecting this reality and not devoting the minimum time required to perform test management activities.

Testing activities are often carried out in some structured way at the end of the project, when there is no more solution to the problems.

Ensure a high standard of quality on all your projects using the Scraim Tests Management feature.

This feature helps you to easily create and oversee all test cases and their results, in order to achieve maximum quality in all your projects!

Tests Management Feature


According to a research made by The Standish Group, 52.7% of projects will cost 189% of their original estimates.

If a project goes wildly over-budget (as they often do), it won’t qualify as realised, even if it's delivered on time and meets end users' needs. That's why project managers need to methodically manage their budgets.

Scraim is also a project budget feature allowing you to keep track of all your projects expenses.

Don't let your projects become part of a negative statistic! Take advantage of the Scraim Budget Management feature and keep track of all your expenses.

Budget Management Feature


Scraim provides you with a set of features to facilitate your teams collaboration, such as: wiki, forums, news and notification system.

Keep everyone on the same page, to help them improve their work organization, by knowing what to do, and what to do next.

Collaboration Tools Feature


Stay on top of your projects everywhere!

Scraim Go makes it easier to access your projects information and keep on track of the status of all the work, making sure your teams are always following the best international practices. App access is 100% free and requires an Internet connection.

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Scraim GO Feature